Then they both looked

I'll help you. " And in that moment, when I started to push,

she went to his elbows on the top of my belly

the stomach, and so I was even a little easier.

Then I heard the words of the midwife: "Posh l esch, esch ..."

She took a pair of scissors in hand, and something u lknulo below.

It turned out that she made a lateral incision in my right

crotch. Then they both looked at me: I was

severely tortured, bathed in sweat, the voice hissed, eyes half open,

in general, a terrible sight, the doctor said, "The head came out,

now we need the rest of Sun bearing. Lie down a little bit,

Take a break, and with renewed vigor Start m further. "

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Children's body

- children's body cream (cream Nappy). Softens and moisturizes the skin,

protects against germs. Children's body cream is also used to

treat rubbed or irritated skin. It is effective in the treatment of

diaper dermatitis first symptoms: redness of the skin around the genitals, buttocks and thighs, peeling, bubbling;

- powder-powder. Its main purpose - to remove excess water after

cleaning the and reduce friction between the skin and diapers or nappies. Powder produced on the basis of mineral talc.

Add corn flour, rice and potato starch dried strengthen the ability of powdered talc. Читать полностью -->

Every time you do something

looks at you and responds to you words or gesture,

such affirmative nod


To attract baby's attention, call him

name. Every time you do something it was reported

those make sure that he understands you and can

answer a simple question. As seen from the given

tion above examples, you should ask the child

show you either nod or a word, if it is already

can talk. If a baby is responding correctly, immediate

praise him slowly, for example: "That's right, Bill

Does "hug or give some treats, if

wrong, say the correct answer and again for

let the question: "Billy, Daddy wears diapers?

No, Daddy does not wear diapers. Billy, Daddy

wearing diapers? "Do not ask the child in other

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E with l and at and in a and m e w i t to o n a p e n t s e a o p q r s of a to in p and h y, z and p and w and x and t h e a r a n e e n o i s about

e with l and at and in a and m e w i t to o n a p e n t s e a o p q r s of a to in p and h y, z and p and w and x and t h e a r a n e e

n o i s about l to about b y s h a n o f a r and s l o o s in in s e l e t a t in with a m s d n e n o l o u d i and d o m m e n t

F e l a t e l s n o t a to g e and m e t s n o d p y to about th b l o n to about t and p y h a y , h t o b s s and n and with a t s

p o l y h e n n e s s about to e t s and r e c o m e n d a t and;

p r and r o t o t s e a d o to y m e n t s a o t o s p e a s e a l and m and n and p in s n and c to f and h r o d d o m a,

d and e n t r a y of Mr. and n o n a d o b i t i o b r a t i o m e n o.

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Firstly, the infection

Mastitis can continue to feed your baby breast milk. Firstly, the infection caused by inflammation, entered his body for a few more days until my mother visible signs of the disease. Secondly, with the milk the baby starts getting active immune defense against this infection due to treatment of the mother. As a rule,

weaning from the breast of such a child becomes ill, he is 2 times more frequently than in maintaining breastfeeding. Besides, no one better baby will not be able to suck milk from diseased breast.

Abscess of mastitis

Infected with mastitis - a painful swelling hot when touched which gives the impression that it is filled with liquid. Body temperature increased, poor general condition, appetite decreased, the axillary lymph nodes are enlarged and painful.

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